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Dino 246 GT - 1970

vehicle data

Year of construction: 1970

Model: 246 GT L-Serie

Engine: 2.4L

Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission

Interior: Individual production in genuine leather

Color: Black uni high gloss

Insider knowledge:

The Dino 246 is a sports car manufactured by the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari from 1969 to 1974. The body was designed by Aldo Brovarone for Pininfarina.

Since the car has a V6 engine instead of the typical Ferrari twelve-cylinder engine, it was not sold as a Ferrari, but under the Dino brand, which is named after the first name of Enzo Ferrari's son Alfredo Ferrari. In its original condition, a dinosaur does not have the Ferrari logo or the Ferrari lettering. The Dino has its own emblem, which shows the name Dino in blue letters on a yellow background.

Dino 246GT Seitenansicht.jpg

Brief description:

  • Vehicle was handed over to Christian Abt Classic in 2020 after an aborted restoration

  • The vehicle was completely dismantled, the GRP parts were removed and the body was stripped of paint in an immersion bath

  • an extensive and time-consuming full restoration was carried out to achieve a new condition

  • All add-on parts of the vehicle such as the chassis, braking system, electrical system and interior are new or have been extensively refurbished

  • Vehicle was painted in high-gloss black according to customer requirements and the original leather interior was remade

  • Completed July 2023

  • Finally, a full TÜV inspection, an H report and a valuation report with grade 1 were issued

  • Extensive photo documentation was created covering the entire restoration process

Restoration overview


The vehicle was delivered as a bodyshell and all add-on parts were housed in 2 large wooden boxes. After the body was stripped of paint in an immersion bath, the generally very poor condition became apparent. Massive rust damage ran through the entire vehicle. Several accident damages that had been covered up also came to light. Since there are no repair panels, all of these had to be made individually by hand. In addition, the firewall and trunk were reinforced and the GRP panels were remade in aluminum. All other GRP parts were readjusted, painted and glued/riveted. In order to reduce the use of filler to a minimum, the body was painstakingly smoothed with tin. It was painted in black uni. Finally, the paint is sanded and polished to a high shine.

Dino 246 GT - Restauration Karosserie.webp



The interior was completely remade in leather, some missing parts were remade by hand by us. Other parts/panels had to be extensively adjusted. The dashboard was covered in Mouse Hair like the original. A particular challenge was the preparation of the steering wheel.

Dino 246 GT - Restauration Interieur.webp


The main wiring harness was in relatively poor general condition. Many cables were replaced and some of the cable cross-sections were adjusted to relieve the strain. Cable lugs and plugs were replaced without exception and some were changed/optimized. The alternator was replaced with one with an internal regulator. The Dinoplex control unit was prepared, but only installed as a dummy. Instead, the ignition is carried out by a modern, contactless and freely programmable ignition distributor.

Dino 246 GT - Restauration Elektrik.webp

engine and gears

The engine and transmission were completely overhauled in-house, and many parts were manufactured exclusively for us. The flywheel was slightly reduced in weight and, like the crankshaft, finely balanced. Wearing parts were replaced without exception. The original and very vulnerable water-oil cooler was replaced by an air-oil cooler. The exhaust system was completely insulated with a Kevlar aramid tape. A reinforced clutch cable was also installed.

Dino 246 GT - Restauration Motor.webp


All axle parts were blasted and newly plastic coated. All chassis bearings were replaced with PU bearings and all original chassis screws were re-galvanized. We had the shock absorbers/springs rebuilt at Bilstein using modern technology and coordination. This also meant a weight saving of around 20kg could be achieved The steering was completely overhauled and all wearing parts were replaced. For sportier driving characteristics, a 16” Campagnolo wheelset from the Ferrari 308 was installed.

Dino 246 GT - Restauration Fahrwerk.webp

Braking systems

The original brake system was overhauled, brake lines were newly made by hand and the brake booster was resealed and fitted with a new membrane. String pulls for the handbrake have been optimized.

Dino 246 GT - Restauration Bremsanlage.webp
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