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Porsche 911T Targa 2.4l - 1973

vehicle data

Year of construction: 02/1973

Model: 911 2.4T Targa

Interior: partial leather beige

Colour: Irish Green 1510

Transmission type: manual transmission type 915/12

Special equipment:

Performance-enhanced ABT engine, ABT chassis, DAB+ radio with Bluetooth and smartphone integration

Porsche 911T Targa - ABT Classic

Brief description:

  • This Porsche 911 T Targa 2.4 l  was completely restored by Christian Abt Classic and brought to the new car condition. 

  • The vehicle was delivered to Columbus USA in 1973 and purchased in England in 2018. The equipment of the vehicle in Irish green and part brown leather interior, as well as the engine and transmission correspond to the delivery condition. (so-called matching numbers)

  • The vehicle has an H license plate, TÜV / AU, a current appraisal, a Porsche birth certificate and extensive restoration documentation.

  • The vehicle has original restored comfort seats.

  • The engine and gearbox are fully revised to original specifications using many new parts.

  • All other add-on parts of the vehicle such as chassis, brake system, electrics,  and interior are new or revised to new condition.

  • The vehicle was completed in 06/2021 and is in a top-level restored condition and new car character and can also be driven like this.

  • All chassis and engine optimizations work as you would expect from a "Christian Abt vehicle".

The vehicle will be delivered including all documents such as:

  • TÜV full acceptance 

  • H report

  • appraisal

  • Porsche “birth certificate”

  • performance chart

as well as extensive photo documentation of the entire restoration process.

The original injection system, the original  Porsche Fuchs rims and the standard steering wheel are available and are also included in the scope of delivery.

Restoration overview


The well-preserved body was completely disassembled in our house and then completely stripped of paint and chemically derusted by a specialist company in an immersion bath. For this purpose, the side skirts of the vehicle had to be removed because the heating pipes are installed in these in air-cooled Porsches and they would otherwise be damaged.

Then new side skirts were installed and some rust damage on the side walls was professionally repaired. The trunk floor and parts of the underbody were also renewed. 

Body work was done on a frame straightening bench and restored to the highest standard using body tin. For this purpose, all body parts were dented and installed on the vehicle before painting to ensure a 100% accuracy of fit. Filled areas were reduced to a minimum.

Porsche 911T Targa - Karosserie


The body was provided with an extremely resistant epoxy rust protection primer.

Before painting, the entire body received a complete seal with paintable body sealant. The entire vehicle floor including the wheel arches was  completely sealed and painted in body color. 

The original color 1510 "Irish green" was used for the entire body and extensive cavity protection was applied to all cavities before final assembly.

Porsche 911T Targa - Lack

exterior / interior

Without exception, all original trims and bodywork attachments have been revised and some have been re-chromed. All seals and rubber parts have been renewed and some have been exchanged for higher-quality ones.

Turn signal and tail light housings were blasted with dry ice and then revised.

The original comfort seats and all other equipment parts were restored to new condition by our upholstery shop or exchanged for new parts. The carpet and the seat covers are of the original quality and have been renewed, including the insulation. All interior chrome fittings were re-chromed or re-coated. The dashboard was renewed and the original steering wheel  was exchanged for a Porsche 911 ST steering wheel.

All fittings have been overhauled and checked, die  dials and glasses have been renewed and the instrument housings have been re-galvanised. The fittings correspond to the German standard.

The pedals and circuit were revised and recoated.

The original glass has been polished and sealed, the window regulator mechanisms in the doors have been dry ice blasted and revised.

Porsche 911T Targa - Cockpit
Porsche 911T Targa - Sitze


The entire vehicle wiring harness has been revised, partially renewed and completely re-insulated.

Relays were retrofitted for the headlights to minimize the current flow through the steering column switch.

The alternator regulator was replaced, the alternator overhauled and the entire on-board network was extensively tested, wearing parts were replaced. An emergency power switch and a charging plug for the battery charger have been integrated into the cable harness. 

A special stereo speaker for the original installation location in the dashboard and a Bluetooth DAB+ radio in classic design with hands-free function were also installed.

Porsche 911T Targa - Instrumente

engine and gears

The complete engine was completely disassembled, measured, checked and then rebuilt using high quality and original parts. The vulnerable original injection system was exchanged for new 40 Weber carburetors and "S" camshafts were installed. The engine power is about 200 hp. All engine attachments have been revised, newly chromated yellow or plastic coated. Magnesium case parts were pickled and sealed.

The engine mount has been completely renewed.

Das  Getriebe  was also fully checked and revised, wearing parts and transmission bearings were renewed.

The drive shafts were also revised.

Porsche 911T Targa - Motor 2,4l


All axle parts of the front and rear axle were sandblasted, checked and then plastic coated.

The front wishbones were replaced with new ones. Adjustable rear axle swords were also installed to optimize the chassis -

All chassis bearings were exchanged for higher-quality PU bearings. Wear parts and wheel bearings renewed.

New Bilstein Sport shock absorbers in ABT Classic tuning were installed in conjunction with improved Porsche  torsion bars.

The steering was completely dismantled and overhauled and the tie rods of the 911 Turbo were installed.

Porsche 911T Targa - Fahrwerk

Brake systems​

The brake system was fitted with original Porsche 911S aluminum calipers and upgraded

Hoses and lines were replaced without exception, the master brake cylinder was renewed and the rear axle brake calipers were revised. Wear parts and the reservoir  have been replaced. Attachments were newly chromated.

Porsche 911T Targa - Bremsanlage
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