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Porsche 993 GT2

vehicle data

Year of construction: 1996

Model: 993 GT2

Engine: 3.6L

Transmission: 6-speed manual transmission

Interior: Individual production in genuine leather

Color: black metallic

Special equipment:

Exclusive Bilstein coilover suspension with compression-rebound adjustment, suspension with PU bearings and uniball joints, reinforced and more powerful engine, individual interior with accents in speed yellow, including seat shells, belts and instruments, Porsche Classic radio

Porsche 993 GT2 Turbo.webp

Brief description:

  • The vehicle was handed over to Christian Abt Classic on behalf of the customer in April 2020

  • The vehicle was completely dismantled and the body was stripped of paint in an immersion bath and KTL coated

  • An extensive and time-consuming full restoration was carried out to achieve a like-new condition

  • All add-on parts of the vehicle such as the chassis, braking system, electrical system and interior are new or have been extensively refurbished

  • The vehicle was painted according to customer requirements and the original leather interior was remade

  • Completed October 2022

  • Finally, a full TÜV inspection, an H report and a valuation report with grade 1 were issued

  • Extensive photo documentation was created covering the entire restoration process

Restoration overview


The body was in very good and well-maintained condition, despite the vehicle being driven on the race track. After the body shell was stripped of paint in an immersion bath and KTL-coated, only a few minor sheet metal works had to be done before painting

001 Karosserie.webp


The interior was completely renovated according to customer requirements. The leather was chosen exclusively for this vehicle in the highest quality, with accents in speed yellow. a modern Porsche Classic radio was installed

002 Interieur.webp


The vehicle wiring harness was completely cleaned, overhauled, and defective and corroded connectors and cables were replaced. Finally, the wiring harness was completely re-wrapped with fabric tape. The fuse box and all relays were checked or replaced.

004 Elektrik_v_2.webp

engine and gears

The engine and transmission were completely overhauled in-house. Pistons and cylinders were renewed, using original “Mahle” components. All bearings were replaced and some were installed in a reinforced version. The turbochargers were also overhauled and modified. There is also an enlarged, individually manufactured intercooler.

003 Motor.webp


All axle parts were blasted and checked for cracks. Chassis bearings were replaced without exception by PU bearings or uniball joints. The shock absorbers were renewed and converted to an exclusively manufactured Bilstein coilover suspension The steering was completely overhauled and all wearing parts were replaced.

005 Fahrwerk.webp

Braking systems​

The already large turbo brake system was completely renovated and the new brake calipers were coated in Speed ​​Yellow with the Porsche logo.

006 Bremse.webp
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