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ABT Classic stands for high-quality restorations, maintenance & care of sports cars, racing vehicles and vintage cars, especially, but not only, of the brands Porsche and Ferrari.

With the greatest possible use of original parts, in perfect craftsmanship and of course in the well-known highest possible ABT quality.

You can find all kinds of special requests at ABT Classic.


We offer:

  • Full restorations of the highest quality

  • Revision and production of vehicle parts that are no longer available

  • Modifications according to customer requirements

  • Engine and transmission repair and engine tuning

  • Revision and tuning of carburetor and injection systems

  • Fabrication, repair and welding of aluminum and stainless steel parts

  • Procurement of rare spare parts

  • maintenance and service work

  • Vehicle procurement, pick-up and delivery service, registration services

  and assessment



ABT Classic offers you a comprehensive service in the area of maintenance, repair and maintenance work. All inspections, engine and transmission revisions, as well as chassis optimization can be carried out by us. Thanks to our decades of experience, we are able to service and repair almost all vehicles of the major German, Italian and English brands. If certain parts are no longer available, long-standing relationships will help with procurement. In addition to maintenance, care and repairs, we also offer you a preparation and logistics service.
Enclosed transporters ensure that your classic is transported safely.



Trading in classic automobiles is a matter of trust and requires discretion. If you are looking for a specific vehicle or would like to sell a vehicle, you will find suitable support at RS Mobility.

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