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Porsche SWB US-Modell - 1968

vehicle data

Year of construction: 1968

Model: SWB US-Modell

Engine: 2.0L

Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission

Interior: Individual production in genuine leather

Color: polored

Porsche 911 SWB Titelbild.webp

Brief description:

  • Rare early US model with short wheelbase (SWB)

  • Vehicle was partially restored and handed over to Christian Abt Classic in July 2023

  • All add-on parts of the vehicle such as the chassis, braking system, electrical system and interior are new or have been extensively refurbished

  • Procurement of parts is sometimes very difficult, if not impossible, many parts were individually reproduced by us

  • Completion after just 6 months

  • Finally, a full TÜV inspection, an H report and a valuation report with grade 1 were issued

  • Extensive photo documentation was created covering the entire restoration process

Restoration overview


The vehicle arrived with us as a bodyshell and already completely repainted. The body was extensively repaired beforehand. Window frames and various other chrome parts had to be repaired and missing parts had to be remanufactured. Everything was finally re-chromed.

Porsche SWB US-Modell von 1968 - Karosserie.webp


The interior was recreated based on the model delivered at the time, seat fittings were re-chromed, a light headliner and 2 colored sun visors were installed. The original static 3-point seat belts were replaced with 4-point harness belts. A retro classic radio with DAB+ and a special stereo speaker were retrofitted.

Porsche SWB US-Modell von 1968 - Interieur.webp


The vehicle wiring harness was replaced with a new one. Since it is a rare US variant, electrical components were installed for which there is no replacement today. A modernization of the relays and switches was unavoidable, but care was taken not to change the appearance of the time as much as possible. A battery disconnect switch was installed in the trunk, as well as a charging cable that was accessible from the outside

Porsche SWB US-Modell von 1968 - Elektrik.webp

engine and gears

The engine and transmission were completely overhauled and performance increased, including increasing the displacement. Drive shafts with rare universal joint technology were installed as delivered.

Porsche SWB US-Modell von 1968 - Motor.webp


All axle parts were blasted and recoated, wearing parts and bearings were replaced using original parts. The steering was also completely revised.

The vehicle was tuned to be a little sportier, set slightly lower and a track-camber combination adapted to the modern tires.

Porsche SWB US-Modell von 1968 - Fahrwerk.webp

Braking systems​

The brake system was modernized with a 2-circuit master brake cylinder, this was done for safety reasons. Brake lines were individually made by hand and supplemented with steel braided lines.

Porsche SWB US-Modell von 1968 - Bremsanlage.webp
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