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The trademark RAVENOL from Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH is a premium product when it comes to lubricants. They have an extensive range and meet a high quality standard.


For 60 years, RECARO has been providing a sporty driving experience, even without a racetrack. The company, founded by saddler Wilhelm Reutter, has been developing the sportiest and most comfortable vehicle seat ever since.


Sonic equipment

The specialists when it comes to quality tools and premium storage systems. In more than 65 countries, they deliver the right solution for all workshop professionals in a wide variety of industries.

Atelier de Carrosserie

The bodywork specialist on a slightly different level. A lot of value is placed on the accuracy of fit and tolerance and in the end it shows in the result why this effort pays off.


Hankook Logo.png

Once a well-known tire manufacturer in motorsport and today our long-standing partner in restoration for the contact between vehicle and road.

Red Bull

Not only a beverage manufacturer but also present and established in the exciting world of extreme sports. Red Bull is also a strong supporter and promoter of the scene.

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