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Ferrari 512 TR - 1994

vehicle data

Year of construction: 1994

Model: 512 TR

Engine: 5.0L

Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission

Interior: Individual production in genuine leather

Color: blu scuro

Special equipment:

Flow-optimized exhaust system made by Christian Abt Classic, retrofitted electric power steering, Brembo brake system with milled Ferrari logo, 1-DIN moniceiver radio with navigation


Brief description:

  • Vehicle was handed over to Christian Abt Classic in 2020 after an aborted restoration

  • The vehicle was dismantled again, the GRP parts were removed and the body was stripped of paint in an immersion bath

  • an extensive and time-consuming full restoration was carried out to achieve a new condition

  • All add-on parts of the vehicle such as the chassis, braking system, electrical system and interior are new or have been extensively refurbished

  • Vehicle was painted in Blu Scuro according to customer requirements and the original leather interior was remade

  • Completed November 2023

  • Finally, a full TÜV inspection, an H report and a valuation report with grade 1 were issued

  • Extensive photo documentation was created covering the entire restoration process

Restoration overview


Due to the miserable first restoration, the customer canceled it at his own request because, despite the new paint, massive rust was forming on the frame and wheel arches. The vehicle was then handed over to Christian Abt Classic and again completely dismantled into individual parts. The extent of the rust infestation became apparent as soon as the GRP parts were dismantled. After consultation with the customer, the body was stripped of paint in an immersion bath and KTL coated. Some minor damage was professionally repaired. Finally, the body and all add-on parts were readjusted and painted in Blu Scuro.

Ferrari 512 TR Blu Scuro - Karosserie.webp


The interior was completely renovated according to customer requirements.

The leather was chosen exclusively for this vehicle in the highest quality; the carpet is also custom-made.

Ferrari 512 TR Blu Scuro - Interieur.webp


The vehicle wiring harness was completely cleaned, overhauled, and defective and corroded connectors and cables were replaced.

The fuse box and all relays were checked or replaced.

Ferrari 512 TR Blu Scuro - Elektrik.webp

engine and gears

The engine and transmission were completely overhauled at Toni Auto Maranello. The exhaust system was made of stainless steel and the original exhaust manifolds were reconditioned. All screws and small parts were newly galvanized or replaced. All fuel lines have been replaced.

Ferrari 512 TR Blu Scuro - Motor.webp


All axle parts were blasted and newly plastic coated. All chassis bearings were replaced with PU bearings and all original chassis screws were re-galvanised.

The shock absorbers were replaced.

The steering was completely overhauled and all wearing parts were replaced. Electric servo support was also retrofitted.

Ferrari 512 TR Blu Scuro - Fahrwerk.webp

Braking systems​

The original brake system was replaced by a Brembo brake system and milled with the Ferrari logo according to customer requirements.

Ferrari 512 TR Blu Scuro - Bremse.webp
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