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Porsche 911S Coupé 2.2l - 1970

Vehicle data

Year of construction: 1970

Model: 911 S Coupe

Engine: 2.2L S

Gearbox: 915/12

Interior: Black/synthetic leather with braided grain embossing

Color: Irish green 1510

Special equipment:

Bilstein sports suspension with exclusive coordination for CHristian DeptClassic and 15" rims in original Fuchs design


Short description:

  • the Vehicle was delivered in New York USA in December 1969, which corresponds to the model year of 1970

  • Christian Abt Classic purchased the 911 S in the Netherlands in December 2018

  • An extensive and time-consuming full restoration was then carried out to achieve a like-new condition

  • During the dismantling it became clear that the vehicle was originally painted "Irish green*. A birth certificate was then applied for, which also confirmed this

  • All add-on parts of the vehicle such as the chassis, braking system, electrical system and interior are new or have been extensively refurbished

  • The original country equipment for the USA was converted to EU

  • Completion was in July 2020

  • Finally, a full TÜV inspection, an H report and a valuation report with grade 1 were issued

  • Extensive photo documentation was created covering the entire restoration process

Restoration overview


The body showed the rust spots typical of this model, but the overall condition was still better than comparable vehicles from this year. After all add-on parts had been completely dismantled, an inventory was created in order to be able to determine the amount of work required. The side skirts were then cut out to remove the heating pipes underneath. This is necessary in order not to damage them when the vehicle is stripped of paint in a chemical immersion bath and freed from old sealant/underbody protection. The now bare and rust-free bodywork now revealed all the damage that might otherwise have remained hidden. In order to be able to repair all damage professionally, the body was fixed on a frame bench and measured. All add-on parts such as headlights, trim strips and windows were assembled in this process and the body parts were adapted to ensure an absolute fit later.


Paint structure

Since the use of filler work should be reduced to a minimum, the entire body was smoothed with tin in the necessary places. A high-quality epoxy-based primer was then applied to ensure a long-lasting paint finish and a rust-protected body. The underbody and the wheel arches were protected against stone chips with an additional layer of structural compound. Body sealant was used in all relevant areas. The vehicle was then painted in the original color "Irish Green 1510", as it was when it was delivered. Finally, all cavities were sprayed with wax and thus sealed.



For the external appearance, all parts such as door handles, trim strips and window frames were re-chromed. The yellow US headlights were replaced with new "EU-compliant components", the indicator housings were reconditioned and fitted with new lenses. The US indicators have also been adapted to the EU standard. All seals and rubber parts were replaced and some replaced with higher quality materials. Inside, all important areas were newly insulated and individually manufactured for this vehicle. The original interior was completely reupholstered and covered in the typical Porsche faux leather with a braided grain structure. The comfort seats were also equipped with new chrome-plated fittings. The dashboard, which was mostly cracked due to sun and heat, was replaced with a new one. The fittings were overhauled by a specialist company, changed to EU standards and the mileage was reset to “zero”.



All cable harnesses were newly insulated, checked and damage repaired, improper repairs from before the Porsche 911 S were removed and all cable lugs were replaced with new, high-quality gold-plated examples. Two relays for the main headlights were also integrated into the wiring harness; these relieve the load on the steering column switch and increase its service life many times over. Some cables were replaced and their cross-section was adjusted at critical points, thus ensuring reliable function. A battery disconnect switch and a plug suitable for chargers were installed in the trunk.


engine and gears

The engine was completely disassembled, measured, tested, the crankshaft balanced and then rebuilt using high quality original parts. All engine components have been reworked, re-chromed yellow or plastic-coated. The magnesium housing parts were stained and sealed. The original Bosch injection system was completely overhauled and slightly modified. To match this, the throttle valve units were spinned on and the flow was optimized and adapted to one another. The transmission was also completely checked and overhauled, wearing parts and transmission bearings were replaced. A newly mounted shift gate and a rigid mounting of the shift rod ensured perfect shifting.



All axle parts of the front and rear axle were glass bead blasted, tested and then plastic coated. The front wishbones were replaced with new ones. All chassis bearings were replaced with higher quality PU bearings. Wear parts and wheel bearings replaced. New Bilstein Sport shock absorbers with exclusive tuning were installed in conjunction with improved Porsche torsion bars. The steering was completely dismantled and overhauled and tie rods from the 911 Turbo were installed.


Braking systems​

BothExtensive work was also carried out on the brake system. All brake lines were made by hand and individually adapted to this vehicle. Brake hoses were replaced with steel braided lines. All brake calipers were dismantled, cleaned, recoated and resealed, this also applies to the master brake cylinder. Other wearing parts and the storage container were replaced. Add-on parts were re-chromated.

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