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Porsche 911 ST 2.4l - 1969

vehicle data

Year of construction: 1969

Model: 911 ST

Engine: 2.4L

Transmission: 911/01

Empty weight: 908 kg

Color: blodorange 6809

Special equipment:

Complete conversion to a racing car according to FIA homologation

Porsche 911 ST_edited.jpg

Brief description:

  • Vehicle was delivered to Piero Giannetti in Italy in Apr. 1969

  • Christian Abt Classic acquired the 911S in December 2018 in the Netherlands

  • Vehicle passed through some well-known previous owners such as Brain Bongard (USA), Mr. James Avis (GB) and Mauro Andreini (IT)

  • An extensive and time-consuming full restoration was carried out in order to achieve a new condition

  • At the same time, the vehicle was built into a racing vehicle modeled on the 2.5l ST

  • All conversions correspond to the homologation of the time

  • The body was painstakingly restored, reinforced and adapted to our needs. Original 911S body with steel extensions and GRP attachments according to Porsche specifications

  • Completion was in January 2022

  • Extensive photo documentation was created of the entire restoration process

Restoration overview


The vehicle was a real barn find and corresponded to its typical overall condition. During dismantling, the majority of the components were in a dilapidated condition. The body was also badly damaged and first had to be stripped of paint and rust. The body was then measured on a frame bench. All body parts that were replaced were repaired according to Porsche specifications. At the same time, the rear side walls were widened by 50mm in sheet metal at ST level and welded. All other load-bearing parts were reinforced and adapted and modified to meet the requirements of a racing vehicle. All add-on parts were installed according to the specifications of the homologation at the time. This meant new doors made of sheet metal, fenders, bumpers, front and tailgate made of GRP. These parts have all been adapted to each other to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

Porsche 911 ST - Karosserie.webp


Since the use of filler should be reduced to a minimum, the entire body was smoothed with tin in the necessary places. A high-quality epoxy-based primer was then applied to ensure a long-lasting paint finish and a rust-protected body. The underbody and the wheel arches were protected against stone chips with an additional layer of structural compound. Body sealant was used in all relevant areas. These measures were carried out according to the motto “as much as necessary, as little as possible” in order to keep the curb weight as low as possible. The vehicle was then painted in the original color blood orange 6809, as it was when it was delivered. Finally, all cavities were sprayed with wax and thus sealed.

Porsche 911 ST - Lackaufbau.webp

exterior / interior

The interior is quite simple, so there is no carpet or upholstery. A dashboard made of carbon, covered with thin fleece, is the only “comfort”. The roll cage from Heico replaces the originally welded cage and has DMSB approval. For further safety of the driver, an OMP HTE EVO bucket seat paired with Schroth 6-point belts was installed. A tachometer with an extended speed range and other additional instruments have been placed in an easy-to-read manner. For better ergonomics, a longer steering wheel hub and an OMP steering wheel with a deep bowl were installed. A balance beam construction was used for the pedals, which operate the front and rear axles separately with 2 separate cylinders. This balance beam can be adjusted and thus change the braking balance. The original tank was replaced by a 100 liter FIA FTL and lies in a specially made carbon shell. This has an internal catch tank and is operated with 2 fuel pumps, which can be switched on or off individually from the interior.

Porsche 911 ST - Exterieur.webp
Porsche 911 ST - Interieur.webp


The main cable harness was completely stripped, all cables that were irrelevant to us were removed and some were newly manufactured. The old plugs were replaced by German plugs and thus significantly modernized. All relays were relocated and made easily accessible, and new bases and relays were also used. The engine wiring harness was completely rebuilt and tailored to dual spark ignition.

Porsche 911 ST - Elektrik.webp

engine and gears

The engine was built specifically for Christian Abt Classic by the Mittelmotor company in Dortmund. With the aim of building an FIA-compliant, thoroughbred racing engine, Michael Wittke manufactured this unit according to our wishes. From a displacement of 2380 cc, using the homologated 66 mm crankshaft and mechanical fuel injection, dual ignition, the original 2.0S crankcase and Porsche “S” camshafts, this engine produces a powerful 287 hp. The transmission is the standard 5-speed transmission of type 911/01 with optional transmission oil cooling. The gear ratio has been adapted for circuit racing and has a differential lock. All gears are individually interchangeable. The input shaft comes from the Porsche 906 with inserted 1st gear. The intermediate plate and the differential cover are a reinforced version.

Porsche 911 ST - Motor.webp


Changes to the chassis are very limited due to the homologation at the time, so it largely corresponds to the series condition. Nevertheless, bronze plain bearings and Bilstein shock absorbers could be fitted in combination with stronger torsion bars and stabilizers with special racing tuning. Wheel bearings and steering were revised and rebuilt with high-quality ball bearings. The ST stands on wheels with Maxilight rims in 8x15 and 9x15. Michelin TB5 semi-slicks were installed for this purpose.

Porsche 911 ST - Fahrwerk.webp

Braking systems​

The brake system must be as similar to the series as possible. All brake lines were made by hand and individually adapted to this vehicle. Brake hoses were replaced with steel braided lines. All brake calipers were disassembled, cleaned, recoated and resealed.

Porsche 911 ST - Bremse.webp
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