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Modell 9RS

Our PROJECT “1967” becomes our first model 9RS.


The start of sales began on November 15, 2023.

The Christian Abt Classic team wanted to do something special to honor the importance of the last air-cooled Porsche 911 from the 993 series. The company decided to bring a new edition onto the market that was intended to pay homage to the company founder Christian Abt and his motorsport successes, which is where the name “Project 1967” comes from - the year Christian Abt was born. The company founder thinks again and again remembers the Porsche double victory in 2006 at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring, when he celebrated second place with Alzen-Racing in a Porsche 911 GT3. The myth of the 911 and, above all, the fastest production vehicle in the world at the time, the Porsche 911 RS from 1973, paved the way for this project.


Many days and nights were invested in equipping the Porsche 993 with highlights from the 911 and giving it a stylish look reminiscent of the 1973 era. After all the hard work and challenges, Sebastian Riedl could be proud of the absolutely brilliant result, which shows the attention to detail and craftsmanship of his employees and partners.


The PROJECT "1967" is a beautiful symbiosis of technology, motorsport and classic and inspires car fans all over the world. It is a timeless work of art that celebrates the history of Christian Abt Classic and the passion for innovation and design.

Christian Abt Classic Logo


In the PDF file you will find the brochure about the Modell 9RS. Also available as a download.


The road is calling and you are ready for the ultimate driving experience. Our unique retro-design rims have a central locking mechanism and thus offer larger openings for brake ventilation. The forged wheels have a dimension of 9x18 at the front and 11x18 at the rear and are supplied with Hankook Evo S1 tires.

Exhaust system

This exhaust system is a technical masterpiece. Inspired by the legendary Le Mans race track and equipped with six bars representing the six cylinders, it is a guarantee for optimal performance and an incomparable sound.


We widened the rear wheel arches with original Porsche side panels and so the rear of the Porsche 993 looks even more muscular and wider than ever before! We adapted the ducktail perfectly to the new rear view. This Porsche is now an absolute eye-catcher and will make your heart tremble.

Sports seats

Sports seats are not only an upgrade for your car, but also a statement of your style. The high-quality leather cover gives the vehicle interior an elegant touch and makes you feel like a real racing driver. Feel the power and dynamism as you drift into curves in the sports seats. Get ready for the ultimate driving experience! Thanks to the optimal coordination with RECARO, the pole position seat was perfectly adapted to the needs.

landing gear

Pure driving fun! A coilover suspension tailored to your needs takes your car to the next level. Experience the roads like never before and feel the power of your car under your feet. The chassis with Eibach springs manufactured by Bilstein and NTP is adjustable in rebound and compression and offers optimal coordination.


The eyes of a Porsche are like windows to the soul - they reflect the character of this icon. We have retained the Porsche's glowing eyes, but given them a new, fascinating liveliness using state-of-the-art LED technology. Experience how the street shines in a whole new light. We will also include new types of rear lights in the portfolio.


By using carbon fiber in the front construction and the tailgate, we make our vehicle shine with a new lightness with almost 250 kg less weight. The target weight is under 1,100 kg, making it just under 100 kg heavier than the Porsche Carrera 2.8 RSR from 1973. A truly liberating driving experience awaits you!


This is no ordinary car journey – this is a journey through time. With the Porsche, equipped with a classic radio, you feel like you're in the 1960s. But that's just the optics. The technology behind it is more modern than ever before. With Apple Carplay, you'll feel connected to today's world while gliding through the streets of yesterday. A connection between past and future that you never want to miss.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in converting your vehicle, please feel free to contact us


World premiere of Modell 9RS

On June 29th, 2023 the time had finally come and the new prototype was unveiled and presented live on YouTube for the whole world by the Christian Abt Classic team.

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