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Porsche 911 S CB 118


Vehicle type:911 S CB 118

Construction year:1968

Color:Red Uni

vehicle data

Vehicle identification number:11800322

KBA no.:583330

vehicle type:car

Structure / Doors:Coupe / 2

Motor type:gasoline engine



emission class:Antique car


maximum weight allowed:1400kg

curb weight:1030kg


Tire size front / rear:185/70 R 15 89V / 185/70 R 15 89V / summer tires, original

Tire make front / rear:Dunlop / Dunlop

Tire condition:like new

Tread depth in mm:8.0; 8.0 - 8.0;8.0

First / last admission:07/01/1968

Next HU / AU:05/2021

Previous owners (number):not known

Mileage read:00008km

assumed total mileage:No longer detectable

Mileage specified:not known

Color:Red Uni

General condition:very good

paint condition:like new

unrepaired previous damage:Externally none recognizable

repaired previous damage:Accident damage is according to information not known and externally none recognizable

Furnishing:leather interior, radio; Fuchsfelgen

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