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Restoration Description - Ferrari 512 TR



The vehicleGbecame fullconstantly disassembled and the body shell was completely stripped of paint, primed and 

then in the original color Rosso CorSa repainted. All body parts have been revised and re-adapted.All seals have been renewed.Trim parts have been revised and recoated.



The interior has been completely renewed according to the customer's wishes.

The leather was selected exclusively for this vehicle in the highest quality; the carpet is also a custom-made product.


Engine and gears:

The engine has been completely disassembled and revised. Pistons and cylinders were renewed, the crank mechanism

has been completely revised. The cylinder heads have been completely overhauled and checked.

All engine parts have been carefully blasted, valve covers and intake manifolds have been recoated. All transmission parts were checked, wearing parts were replaced.

The exhaust system was made of stainless steel and the original exhaust manifold received ceramic insulation from professional motorsport.

All screws and small parts have been newly galvanized or renewed.

All fuel lines were manufactured and replaced exclusively for us at ATEC.

The high-performance water cooler made of aluminum is also a custom-made product and replaces the original cooler with a plastic housing that is no longer available.


Landing gear:

All axle parts were blasted and subjected to a crack test prior to plastic coating.

Suspension bearings have been replaced without exception and all original suspension bolts have been checked and re-galvanised.

The shock absorbers were revised by the manufacturer and the chassis springs were replaced.

The steering has been completely revised and all wearing parts have been renewed. An electric servo support was retrofitted.

The original rims were stripped of paint and repainted in several layers with a high gloss finish.

The wheel bolts are an exclusive custom-made product made of titanium.



The vehicle wiring harness was completely cleaned, overhauled, defective and corroded plugs and wires were replaced.

The fuse box and all relays have been checked or renewed.

The DE headlight kit was manufactured and adapted by us exclusively for this vehicle.


Brake system:

The original brake system was replaced by a Brembo brake system and provided with a milled Ferrari logo according to customer requirements.

Gallery - Ferrari 512 TR

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