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corvette 427 turbo jet


Vehicle type:427 Turbo Jet

Construction year:1967

Color:Trophy blue

vehicle data

Engine:7.0L big block

Series/Type:C2 coupe

Construction year:1967


Mileage:72986 mls

Special equipment:4-speed disc brake

Vehicle identification number:194376S124570

vehicle type:car

Structure / Doors:2

Vehicle type:coupe

Motor type:petrol

Perfomance:286kw / 390hp



curb weight:1550kg

Tire size front / rear:215/70VR15

Tire make front / rear:Vredestein Sprint Classic

Tire condition:new

Next HU / AU:9/2021

Color:Trophy blue

General condition:state 3

paint condition:state 3

repaired previous damage:not known

Furnishing:Leather black / original

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